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  • Polulu driver

    Choose from our selection of affordable robot kits with soldering or without soldering. We have various beginner-level robot kits as well as advanced walking robots, robotic arms, and our high-performance wheeled and tracked robots.

    Polulu driver

    Our wide selection of DC motors, geared DC motors, and stepper motors will help you find the perfect blend of torque and speed for your project. Ensure your project gets the voltage it needs with these voltage regulator boards and wall-adapter power supplies. Use these controllers as the brain for your next project.

    A4988 Stepper Driver Module Polulu Compatible

    Take command of the speed and direction of your brushed DC motors using these controllers. Single and dual motor driver carriers get your brushed DC motor projects up and running quickly using modern H-bridges with high-performance MOSFETs that deliver hundreds of watts in a compact package.

    Polulu driver

    Give these boards a PWM signal and make your motors go! With features like adjustable current limiting and selectable microstep resolutions, these drivers make it easy to get a stepper motor running with simple step and direction control interfaces. The Pololu Micro and Mini Maestros raise the performance bar for serial servo controllers with features such as a native USB interface and internal scripting control.

    Let your robot or electronics project gather information about the world around it using our wide selection of sensors. Electronics components that have interfaces for standard hobby servo RC pulses, such as our RC switch, RC multiplexer, and TReX motor controllers.

    Wires, solderless breadboards, prototyping PCBs, voltage regulators, our pushbutton power switch, and more! Give your robots and electronics projects some character with these high-quality, compact buzzers and speakers, and detect and record sounds with our selection of microphones and voice recorders.

    An assortment of switches, buttons, and relays that can serve as user-interface elements, tactile sensors, power switches, and more. See our unique assortment of electronic parts for your robotics and other projects.

    Polulu_driver Symbol

    This section includes our Orangutan robot controllers, motor and servo controllers, discrete components, and electronics kits. With integrated motor-control circuitry and position feedback, servos are an easy way to add controlled motion to your robotics or electronics project.

    Whatever your application, we probably have a servo for it! We offer a large variety of wheels, tracks, and ball casters to help you get your project rolling. These robot controllers are complete control solutions for small and medium robots or similar projects. Their features include user-programmable microcontrollers and multiple H-bridges for direct control of DC motors.

    How to Tune 3D Printer Stepper Drivers

    Tamiya manufactures a wide range of inexpensive hobby and educational products, including gearbox kits, wheels, and robot kits. We offer custom laser cutting of 2-D parts from plastics, woods, and other materials, as well as custom laser cutting of mylar surface-mount SMT solder stencils. Home Forum Blog Support Ordering Information Wish Lists Distributors BIG Order Form About Contact. Discrete LEDs and RGB LED modules for use in indicators and displays. Cleanly connect wires and modules to each other with our various connectors.

    Power your robots and electronics projects with our assortment of batteries and battery packs.

    Save money and make ordering easier with these bundles of items that are commonly used together. New Products Tic T USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller Connectors Soldered XT60 Connector Male-Female Pair, Black Tic T USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller FEETECH FT90R Digital Micro Continuous Rotation Servo Free Circuit Cellar magazine May Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 8mm Shaft, M3 Holes 2-Pack. Services Custom Laser Cutting SMT Stencils. Robot Kits Balboa Robot and Accessories Romi Chassis and Accessories Zumo Robots and Accessories 3pi Robot and Accessories Tamiya Robot Kits Robot Kits with Soldering Robot Kits without Soldering Chassis Electronics Programmable Controllers Motion Control Modules Sensors Regulators and Power Supplies Cables and Wire Connectors Electronics Prototyping Signal Adapters and Extenders Switches, Buttons, and Relays Computer Interface RC Interface Electronics Kits LEDs Audio Discrete Components Displays Batteries Battery Holders Wireless Mechanical Components Motors and Gearboxes Servos Wheels, Tracks, and Ball Casters Hardware Chassis Tamiya Products Tools Soldering and Desoldering Tools Shirts Pololu Zumo T-Shirts Pololu Circuit Logo T-Shirts Combination Deals Discontinued Items.

    Community Pololu Blog Engage Your Brain Community Projects Feeds Email a friend. Tic T USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller Connectors Soldered. Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 8mm Shaft, M3 Holes 2-Pack.