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  • Full bridge pwm motor driver

    Designed for bidirectional pulse-width modulated current control of. The fixed OFF-time pulse duration is set by a user-selected external RC timing network. Internal circuit protection includes thermal shutdown with hysteresis, transient suppression diodes, and crossover- current protection. Special power-up sequencing is not required. With the ENABLE input held low, the PHASE input controls load. The MODE input determines whether the PWM current-control circuitry operates in a slow current-decay mode only the selected sink driver switching or in a fast current-decay mode selected source and sink switching.

    A user-selectable blanking window prevents false triggering of the PWM current control circuitry. With the ENABLE input held high, all output drivers are disabled. A sleep mode is provided to reduce power consumption when inactive. When a logic low is applied to the BRAKE input, the braking. This overrides ENABLE and PHASE to turn OFF both source drivers and turn ON both sink drivers.

    The brake function can be safely used to dynamically brake brush dc motors. These devices are also available for operation from Fast and Slow Current-Decay Modes. Sleep Low Current Consumption Mode. Internal Transient Suppression Diodes. Internal Thermal Shutdown Circuitry. Always order by complete part number: Note that the ASB DIP and the ASLB SOIC are electrically identical and share a. These conditions can be tolerated but should be avoided.

    Worcester, Massachusetts Brake, No Current Control, Note 2. Includes active pull-offs for power outputs.

    Dual Channel 10A Motor Driver

    ALLOWABLE PACKAGE POWER DISSIPATION IN WATTS. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS at T. Reference Voltage Divider Ratio. Comparator Input Offset Voltage.

    Full bridge pwm motor driver

    Typical Data is for design information only. Each driver is tested separately. Negative current is defined as coming out of sourcing the specified device terminal. INTERNAL PWM CURRENT CONTROL DURING FORWARD AND REVERSE OPERATION. The value of the current limiting I. The internal circuitry compares the voltage. In forward or reverse mode the current-control circuitry.

    When the load current reaches I. In slow-decay mode, the selected sink driver is disabled; the load inductance causes the current to recirculate through the source driver and flyback diode see figure 1.

    In fast- decay mode, the selected sink and source driver pair are disabled; the load inductance causes the current to flow from ground to the load supply via the ground clamp and flyback diodes. The user selects an external resistor R. The PWM cycle repeats, maintaining the load current at the desired value see figure 2. Figure 2 -- Fast and Slow Current-Decay Waveforms. INTERNAL PWM CURRENT CONTROL DURING BRAKE MODE OPERATION. The brake circuit turns OFF both source drivers and. However, if the back-EMF voltage is large, and there is no PWM current limiting, then the load current can increase to a value that approaches a locked rotor condition.

    To limit the current, when the I.

    Brake Operation - MODE Input High. During braking, when the MODE input is high, the. Because the kinetic energy stored in the. Где искать в наименовании в описании. О проекте Аналоги ЭК Цены на ЭК Производители. ASB Allegro MicroSystems FULL-BRIDGE PWM MOTOR DRIVER.

    Full bridge pwm motor driver